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  FAQ on Integrative Medicine Services of Family Health Care Center


What is Integrative Medicine?

It is a value added extension of the care that you already receiving at the Family Health Care Center. It is the combination of high quality, scientific evidenced based physical and mental health services that are delivered to you that when integrated with traditional medical care further promotes health  and prevents disease and has a greater potential of improving preexisting health problem outcomes  This will be delivered  one health care campus for your convenience.

Why are we offering this?

There is strong evidence that it works.*
We did a formal survey late last year, asking several dozen patients if they would be interested in services at our office.  We asked about such services as Massage Therapy, Reiki, Dietary Counseling,  Physical Therapy, Weight Management and Stress Management and resounding 95% of those polled said they would be very interested in bringing these services to the FHCC.

What are the services and who will be providing the service?

Services will be provided by Independent Professional Contractors who are licensed and/or Registered in their respected fields and credentialed by our medical director, Dr. Paul Ehrmann.
Our team at this time is as follows:

1. Counseling and Mental Health Services - Dr. Robert Flewelling and team at Horizon Counseling Services

2. Massage Therapist - Bethany Curtiss

3. Reiki Therapist - Kelly Longo

4. Weight Management Program Dr. Paul Ehrmann and Dr. Robert Flewelling

5. Yoga Instructor - Tiesha Becker

6. Dietician - Aarti Batavia

How does it work?

We are offering services to patients that are established at our practice.  If you have a family member, friend or neighbors that are not members of the practice, we would welcome any referrals.  They do not need to be direct members of the practice to participate in these services.
You can access this information three different ways.  Drs. Paul, Helen or Nurse Practitioner Amy can
  • give you additional written information upon request at your office visit or
  • you can review the scope of our services in the lobby in the folders against the North wall to your right of the Television or
  • finally can access this information on the face page of our web site at   You can contact the practitioner directly. 

How much will it cost?

The fees are variable and are found in the information on the practitioner’s biography.  We will also put this up on our web site.

Will I still be able to see my Doctors for my usual care?

Yes, your health care providers will be available 8-4 Monday through Friday for traditional medical care.
Services through the Integrative Medicine Program will be available during and after traditional business hours for your convenience.  For more information, please visit our web site and review the additional information.


*Dr. Paul's CAM article 1999

Integrating Complementary and Traditional Medicine

Cochrane Collaboration


updated 2/3/16


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