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Feedback from Dr. Paul Ehrmann's Patients Printer Friendly

Testimonials from Dr. Paul Ehrmann's patients

(To maintain patient confidentiality, patients' names have been excluded.)
MAY 2017
Thank you for all your advice and for getting back with us after hours. It really takes a village and I'm thankful for YOU! Thanks again for your kind and caring ways. You are the BEST!
MARCH 2017
I am doing pretty good. My sugar levels are down to 146-176. I am excited to meet with your PA/RD who will help me with my diet . I am walking, working on the smoking and have watched everything I eat. I can't thank you enough. It was a good day when I walked through your door.
Thank you so much for being the way you are with the kids. My son really enjoys visiting you and I appreciate how informative you have been on our visits. Maybe it will inspire children to become doctors..

JUNE 2016
I am feeling a little better each day. Thanks again for your help and taking the time to talk through things with me. Not something you always get from doctors and I really appreciate it.
MAY 2016
You're the best! One of our biggest problems with moving is switching PCP. No one can compare. Take care and thanks for everything!
FEB. 2016
Thank you Dr. Paul! That cream has helped loosen things up! Mom is in much better spirits and it's only been a day.

MARCH 2015
Just wanted to thank you from the bottom of my heart for calling me last night.  I hate interrupting your off-work time. I really appreciate you and the kind of caring doctor that you are. You are amazing!

Thanks so much for seeing her while we were in town! I greatly respect your opinion and have yet to find a family practice here that can hold a candle to your.

October 2014
Really, thank you! You have made this easier on me to handle. Your help and guidance is greatly appreciated, and you taking time to see my family on very short notice was above and beyond what many doctors would do. I am happy I found you 25 years ago!

August 2014
Thanks again for all you have done for me over the last decade.  I truly appreciate you and you will be missed more than you know.

February 2014
Dr. Paul,
Thank you for taking the time with me yesterday for my annual checkup.  I appreciate your professionalism, and your concerned and friendly mannerism!  You've taken great care of me over the past thirty years! I am personally thankful for you and your practice, its honesty that respects human dignity and its personal care that, to me, is the gold standard of the practice of medicine.

December 2013
I am unable to properly express my deep appreciation for your consistent, wonderful warm smiles, gentle care and true concern you have given me.
September 2011
Just want to let you know how pleasant I found my first visit back to your office was.  Everyone from xxxx who took my initial call and set up my appt. at the actual visit.  You all were very pleasant, friendly and knowledgable in what you do.  
September 2011
Dear Drs. Paul and Robin:
I'm writing to express my gratitude to your staff, many of whom feel like old friends. As you know, my mother has xxxx and several chronic health conditions -- all of which are complicated by her xxxxxx. Over the past three years, her xxx has gotten worse and I've had to take over her health care decisions and organize her medical appointments.
Though it's been hard going through this, your staff in particular has always been extremely patient, kind, and friendly to work with. I often feel bad about how often I have to call on the phone with questions or for test results or appointments, but everyone who answers the phone at your office is always upbeat, efficient, and pleasant. Everyone has been extremely kind to my mother and me, and we so appreciate their caring.
I've dealt with many medical offices over the years -- from hearing specialists to hip surgeons -- but I rarely encounter a medical staff who maintain such a kind, friendly attitude toward patients as your staff. It really makes a difference when you're going through rough times.
Thanks again for all that both of you do for my family -- and for your kind office.
We are lucky to have you so close to home.

January 2011
 Just a note to thank you for all you do for [my wife] and me. You are very much appreciated and the confidence we have in you and your judgement are never in question. We say thank you when we're there, but it should be in writing. We are thankful for you and your staff.
November 2010
Thank you, as always, to both you and Dr. Robin for your outstanding care and compassion!
November 2010
Was thinking about your idea to text messages to patients for test results, appt. reminders, etc. and have decided it's a very up and coming idea - especially with the younger crowd. Old folks like me couldn't participate, but young people seem to simply live on their phones. That's my Dr. Ehrmann - always looking ahead to the future!
September 2010  
Thank your for being there all these years for me, Dr. Paul.  I am truly a blessed man.

You are very kind to point us in the right direction; you are a credit to your profession and even more importantly our dear doctor a credit to humanity.

July 2010
Dr. Paul,
I have always had great respect for you and even more so after reading your book on childhood obesity that you recently wrote.  I thought Generation XL was going to be way over my head but it wasn't and it was so interesting I had to keep reading. I couldn't put the book down!
I have two sons who have always been able to put on weight easily, now they are grown and use diet and exercise to stay fit and trim.  I wish I had this book to follow when they were growing up but even now my son who lives locally asked me to buy him your book which I did. Thank you, for signing the book for him he really appreciated it and I know he will enjoy the book and find it helpful. 
Your accomplishments with CHIP, as a doctor and a caring person are exemplary!  I am so proud to say I know you and that you are my doctor, it is an honor.  I thank you for your efforts as you attept to touch as many lives as you can improving the quality of their health along the way.

Congratulations again on writing this wonderful book and I pray that Generation XL will help all who read it.
I wanted to send this email to let you know that I have been accepted into the nursing program xxx College and am well on my way to pursuing a nursing career.  I finished all of my prerequisite courses with a 4.0 gpa and scored the top score on my entrance exam. 

Many things inspired my decision to pursue a career as a nurse, but I wanted to drop you a line and let you know that part of the inspiration came from your practice and you personally!  After years and years of being in and out of your office throughout my childhood and seeing the quality care that I've always been given, I wanted to be someone that could pass that kind of care along to patients of my own.  Too many times you hear about bad doctors, bad nurses, and bad experiences and I hope that I can be half the nurse to my patients that you were a doctor and friend to me and my family.

All of the years that I had spent being the scared, sick, and frustrated little girl it is my hope that I can pass along the patience and perserverance to other kids in the same situation.

In a way I am happy that I no longer have to visit your office as often as I once did, but I want you to know that you and your staff have always been close to my heart and a bigger part of my life than most practices are to most patients.

From me and my family...thank you for everything you have always done and continue to do.  You are truly an inspiration and I wanted to be the one to deliver this message to you personally. You have prepared me for my future as a nurse more than any school could ever deliver in any classroom.  You have given me an edge over any of my other classmates and for that I could never thank you enough. I hope I can continue to make you along with my family proud!

You're insightful, as always, better than any specialists I've ever seen!

I just wanted to give you an update from seeing you on Monday regarding my red eyes. As soon as I got the medicine in them they were almost 100% better!!

Thank you so much once again for taking care of me. I feel very lucky to have a great doctor.

Doctor Paul is outstanding and so are the other physicians I have seen when he was unable to meet with me and I needed urgent care. Also for the most part I've liked all the referrals he has sent me to over the years. Also would like to mention how much Doctor Robin helped the quality of life for an elderly patient we referred her to a number of years ago. I wish Doctor Paul could be cloned.

Thank you for an extraordinary first visit. You are truly a rare gem in the medical community.

By the way, I am very grateful for your compassionate heart. and thank you sooo much!! : )

Thank you so much for your honesty. Honestly! That's why you're my doctor! because you care enough about the patient to do what's right for them

Thanks so much for your efforts on my dads behalf. Your manner, expertise are kindness are truly amazing.

On a cute note, ever since we came to see you xxxxxxxx my one year old has been randomly saying "Dr. Paul nice." Thank you for always taking such good care of us. It certainly shows!

You are a very conscientious and wonderful doctor.

I also wanted to let you know how much I appreciate the wonderful care that you and your staff have given me and my family. It seems to be something that is missing with so many doctors these days. It's amazing to me, all the time that you take to really make us feel well taken care of. Thanks for everything.

Everyone in the office is exceptionally friendly. Dr. Paul always answers all my questions and I never feel rushed.

I know you truly care about people and you will do what is best for my Mom. You have always been here for us. You may not believe this but very few doctors are willing to deal with the difficult times we have been through and support us all the way. You have truly been a blessing for us.

Thank you, very much Dr. Paul. I really don't know where I'd be without you.

I wanted to tell you how much I appreciate working with you. I've always known you were a good's why we've been coming to you for so long...but now that I am having health problems, it's good to know you are someone who listens, I can trust, and can work with instead of being dictated to. I appreciate it greatly.

Thank you for being so patient with me and all of my questions. I felt like I was at home.

Dr. Paul's dedication to patients, staff and community, in addition to continuing education, over the 27 years I have been a patient! The addition of Saturday hours for regular visits. The thorough follow up on testing and diagnosis. The "bed side manner" of all staff!
-- Web Survey Respondent, when asked, "Anything that you specifically like about our practice?"

My FAVORITE!!: I have been going to Dr. Paul Ehrmann's office since before he and his wife owned the practice. I was just a little kid, but Dr. Paul always made me feel like I was the old timer on staff when I was there. He has always made me feel like family and now I continue to take my kids there too. My parents still see him and refuse to ever change. His bedside manner is wonderful and even when you are, he never makes you feel like a stranger to him. A very kind Doctor with a big heart! Just what the Patient ordered!!!
-- Yahoo Review, Yahoo! Review for Dr. Ehrmann

Thank you for sending the results and BIG BIG thank you for helping me

Thank you as always for the wonderful care you give our family!

Please pass on my sincere thanks to Dr. Robin for all of her help and support during xxxxx diagnosis and recovery. xxxxxx is back to work part time and getting better every day. You both are truly appreciated.

Have I told you what an awesome doctor and person you are lately? Thanks for your help and support with everything. If it wasn't for you and my wife, I doubt I would have made it this far. For that reason and others, we always recommend you to our friends.

thanks so much for your help and consideration. I think you also are the only doctor to receive emails that I have found...its a great idea.
-- College patient


I owe you a debt of year ago, i called you , you never met me at the time...i told you my symptoms and you had said that i should go the emergency room...i was hesitant , but went and it turned out to be a good thing i did, i had a heart triple bypass that night.!..thank you very much.

WOW! You saved me over $200. The price forXXXX was $250+ and the cost for XXXX was $9. Thank you thank you thank you! Thanks again. I'm sure glad that I'm back in your care.

Paul, I owe you a much more personal debt of gratitude. You have always been a wonderful friend to me and my family and a terrific role model for the kids. I am eternally grateful to you for all you have done for me. You are a true friend and a model physician. It is really evident that you care deeply about others. Compassion is not a subject taught in medical school, but if it could be, they should model the course after the way you treat people. I have great respect for you. I cannot thank you enough. Best wishes to you and yours.

I feel like I've finally turned a corner and made some decent progress. For the first time in a very long time the future looks brighter to me and I can picture a much better life ahead. Thank you so much for all of your help so far. I realize that this is not the end of my situation, but it feels like a pretty major first step to me.
-- Patient, Royal Oak, Michigan

Hi Dr. Paul: Thank you for getting back to me so quickly-your professional, kind, and prompt manner is so appreciated and hard to find these days!
-- Patient, Ferndale, Michigan

I know that you are one of the better doctors in the Detroit area and will miss you when we relocate to florida. Thank you for the care you have given me over the past several years.
-- Patient, Royal Oak, Michigan

I want to thank you for seeing me the other day on such short notice. As I said, I needed a real doctor and you were it..

Dr. Paul,
Thanks for the courteous and prompt, friendly service by you and your staff during my recent two visits for treatment of bronchitis.

Dr. Paul,
Thanks for all your help....Caring for patients is your specialty.

Dr. Paul,
Thank you for your quick response. I know that I tell you often, but I will say again how much we appreciate your attention to all of this as it makes it so much easier to get info that we need.

Dr. Paul,
I received your leter today helping me with myu problem with my ins co and we wanted to thank you from the bottom of our have been a great doctor and friend over the last 20 years and we just wanted to let you know that we really appreciate everything you have done for us..thanks again Dr. Paul

Dr. Paul,
We hope this finds you, Dr. Robin and all of your family doing well. We can tell from your office website that your practice is still booming!! You've likely got your summer filled with camps for the kids, baseball games (how about those Tigers???) and as many rounds of golf that you can squeeze in....we hope you're enjoying the summer.

We are all doing great in our new location out of state. We all still tell fun stories of our trips to your office with you setting our broken bones, nursing our athletic injuries, fixing our ear infections and sore throats and even picking XXXX up off the ground every time he fainted!! You kept us healthy, Dr. Paul and we'll always be grateful.

Dr. Paul, 
Was soo sorry to take up so much time with us.I am so concerned about my husband xxxx. He is my life! You were so caring and kind when you spoke with us. I guess that's why you are number one in our book. Thank you again from the bottom of our hearts


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