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HealthyTown Everywhere is an organization which focuses on healthy eating and living within the community. They sponsor group walks with doctors which usually end at a grocery store. From there a guided tour with a dietician takes place. Paul Ehrmann, D.O. has spearheaded this project and aims to improve the health of his community on a daily basis! He hopes to expand his program to other towns in Michigan and beyond through the use of interprofessional deployment teams. Here is a Powerpoint for those professionals that may be interested in bringing HTE to your city!

HealthyTown Everywhere offers a variety of programs and has partnered with many organizations throughout the community. Check out the website at to learn more about the upcoming events and where you can sign up don'f forget my shameless plug for fundraising...Buy one of our really cool HTE hats that are available at our office for just $15.00. All money is tax deductible and 100% goes toward expenses incurred by our ongoing programs

β€œThe normal physician treats the problem;
The good physician treats the person;
The best physician treats the community.”


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